Fogorvosi rendelő főoldala

In attention of patients abroad

'Dental tourism' is a growing phenomenon, with thousands of people travelling to Hungary to take advantage of the relatively low-cost, high-quality dental treatment available.

Our dental clinic is part of a network, wich aim is to inform and guide the patients planning the treatment process, travelling and accomodation.

Many patients combine treatment with a holiday., a medical and dental tourism search engine that provides information and guides for customers considering foreign dental treatment, says going abroad can cut a dental bill by 70%.

The potential savings are so large that Bill Hunter, an oil rig manager from Edinburgh, can afford to have his dental work done in the well-appointed surroundings of The Thermal spa hotel on Margaret Island.
He is on his last of four visits. He said it doesn't worry him that if something goes wrong, his dentist is 900 miles away.
"If there are any problems, I'm a big boy. I'll take a couple of aspirin and get on a plane. The ticket will cost me the price of a consultation back home."

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